Four months

Oh four months! I swear everyday this little guy gets cuter & cuter! He keeps learning new tricks & we are just obsessed with every little thing he does.  He constantly is jibber jabbering and is just the smiliest happiest baby in the world! We just love his little personality & this stage is so much fun!

A few stats about Benson
Age: Four Months
Weight: 15 lbs
Height: 26 inches
Happy vs. Done (also first picture vs. last haha)
- Bath time! Benson is the cutest little fishy in the bath, We've been getting in the bath with him & slowly teaching him how to swim & he just loves to float on his back in the water and splash!  I also took him to the swimming pool & he had a blast! I love a water baby!
- Kisses: His newest thing is to hold your face & pull it up to his mouth. Cutest freakin thing of my life. He giggles so loud when we pretend to eat him.
- Other babies/kids: He absolutely loves little kids, which is great because he has so many little best friends now & all they want to do is hold & kiss on him.  He gets so excited when little kids are around him.
-Daddy! They are truly best friends also talking & laughing together.  Always make me tear up!
-Waking up! He is SO happy when he wakes up! Morning, naps, 3 am.. Haha but really he smiles so big as soon as his eyes are open. Now that he is sleep trained napping isn't so bad most days! & Co-sleeping has given us all so much spoiled sleep. Nobody is complaining..yet.

- Teething. All signs point to teeth coming in, hopefully sooner rather than later cause its breakin my heart.  He is sooo drooly & always is gnawing on those cute little hands of his.
- Not being held 24/7..enough said (sigh)..thank goodness for our Boba wrap!
-Burp cloths! Haha He always pushes the burp cloth out of my hand. Little sasspants.

Big Moments:
Dec 31st- First New Years Eve! Lasted until 8:30.. Mom lasted until 9:30..
Jan 14th- First time swimming at the pool!
Jan 16th- First time trying solids!

- Although he found his voice a couple months ago, he has really found his voice now! He jibber jabbers all day long & will talk to anything & everything that will listen! I love listening to his little voice all day long even at nap-time when he's just chatting to avoid sleeping..
- He is obsessed with faces, he loves looking at himself in the mirror & loves when we pull faces at him.  He also loves his stuffed bear & bunny & kisses their faces forever.
- He's figured out how to fake cough & also has the cutest little fake cry when he wants to be picked up..which is always!
- He can technically roll over, he will roll from tummy to back whenever but he will only roll back to tummy if he is super upset haha its not funny in the moment because he can be a real terror when he's mad, but it's funny that he is hiding his new trick from us.

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