Five months

Every month I feel like I just blinked & he is a month older! Its crazy!  Benson is the center of attention at everything & is spoiled rotten by all his grandparents! He is such a social little baby which I totally love & we are constantly having play dates with all of his little best friends to keep us company.  He is definitely a busy baby now, he always needs to touch all the things & rolls all over the place now! Too dang big!

Age: Five Months
Weight: 17 lbs 3 ounces
Height: 27 inches
- His toes.  He figured out how to suck on his little yummy toes & it's probably the cutest thing ever!
-Snuggles & Kissing! All day long. I swear he has gotten soo much more cuddley the older he's got & I'm just soaking it in. There is nothing better than baby snuggles!
-Being scared & "eaten", not a big fan of tickling but if you scare the poop out of him he laughs so hard! He's started to laugh at peekaboo but still just cracks up if you nibble at him.
-Faces. He always grabs everybody's face now! Especially beards. He loves beards.
-Yelling.  His new technique to stay away is to just yell as loud & for as long as he can hold out, I will say its pretty effective.

- Wearing shoes. & just wearing clothes. It's a daily battle.
- Being sick AND teething at the same time.. it was a rough week at our house last week..
- Sleeping without mom.. I've created a little monster when it comes to sleeping plus being sick & teething all at the same time means Benson & Mom take a lot of naps together..
-Getting his nose sucked out..oh man soo many tears.

Big Moments:
Feb 6th- Rolled from back to tummy!
Feb 11th- Rolled from tummy to back!
Feb 14th- First Valentines Day
He already wears size 3 diapers..big booty.

We've been feeding him a lot of solids this month & so far he LOVES bananas & peaches, HATES apples & avacados & is unaffected by pears! But prefers the boob to everything of course.

This past week he started putting himself to sleep HALLELUJAH! Hoping that continues! He prefers sleeping on a giant king bed over his crib.. obviously I can't blame him.

Henry & Benson are getting cuter & cuter together. Anytime Henry is near Benson has to pet (grab/pull) his fur & apparently any time Benson is sleeping Henry has to snuggle him & wake him up..

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