Easter Egg Adventure

The sole purpose of us buying a new big fancy camera was so I could take days and days worth of videos of my baby cause i'm obsessed with him & I like watching past videos of him and just bawling my eyes out.  Guys he's almost SIX MONTHS OLD! All the tears! What happened to my tiny baby?

Anyways moving on..to my ginormous baby who can basically crawl now.. the other day I busted out all of the Easter stuff & Benson was so fascinated with the easter eggs so now when I'm out of things to entertain him with I just throw a bunch of eggs on the floor and he keeps himself busy for a good 10 minutes while I do something super fun like go to the bathroom, pretend to do dishes by really just fill up the sink so they can "soak" (& leave them for Kevin muahaha) or maybe brush my hair? nah just kidding, probably not that one.

So the whole point of this blog post is to say I'm starting to edit all the hundreds of videos I have of my baby & here is one of him crawling around playing with eggs.  I just want to remember forever how he uses his big ol head to help him move about the room cause I know its only a matter of time until he figures out how to really crawl & then I'm in BIG trouble.

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