Six Months

I find it hard to believe that this huge chunky boy was once my tiny little newborn baby!  Happy six months to my little best friend!  He is the happiest boy on earth.  Loves to snuggle & is such a wiggle worm nowadays.  He is soo close to crawling & can almost sit up all by himself!  He also has a mighty temper & has developed this shrill scream-cry that he saves for the worst of times.  We can't get over how lucky we are to have such an easy going happy guy!

Age: Six months
Weight: 18.6 pounds
Height: 27.5 inches
-FOOD. Even though he still loves breastfeeding he is really enjoying eating solids (in case you couldn't tell..rolls for days) & his favorites are bananas, peaches & sweet potatoes!
-Touching faces & gives kisses.
-Waking up.  He is SO happy right when he wakes up especially in the morning time.
-Snuggles.  All day every day.
-Being out & about! I love my little shopping buddy.  He is way better behaved when we are out of the house then when we stay home!

-Going to bed without mom & lately just bedtime in general.
-The wind.  It's really rough.  We can't wait for summer.
-When we walk out of the room.
-Going to the Dr. (he must know Dr. = shots.)

Big Moments:
March 4th- First vacation (St. George)
March 5th- First word! Hi/Heya
March 11th- First sleepover at Grandma's! (mom was there..but still must be documented)
March 12th- Got his first tooth

-After all this time he's finally decided to tolerate a bottle sometimes & I think it's because he loves holding the bottle all by himself.  I just think it's the cutest site I take a picture every time he takes one.
-He's very into pinching & biting right now.. not that I think he's knows what he's doing but MAN it hurts!
-He is getting so close to crawling! Right now he always gets up on his knees and rocks back & forth & its so cute!  He also started doing this thing where he tries to lay on his side & it just kills us!
-This boy LOVES chatting.  He will talk to anybody/anything especially his kitty cat.  He totally says hi/heya when you walk in the room & it kills me everytime! I have yet to catch it on video..but soon!

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