Seven months

This month I feel like my baby went from being a baby to a crawling climbing machine & all of the sudden he seems so big!  He is everywhere now & into everything!  He's obsessed with standing, has made it up 3 stairs, can stand in his crib, loves to stand and watch tv, & has taken a few steps from our ottoman to our couch.  This boy is just determined to grow up & it's breaking my heart.

Age: Seven months
Weight: 18.6 pounds
Height: 28 inches

- Laughs hysterically when we say bzzz or make a chomping sound.
- Getting into everything! He's discovered the cat food, the stairs, mom's decorations, his toy bin (which he loves to dump out so he can have ALL the toys)
- Rubbing his blankey on his face when he gets tired.
- Eating!  This kid is such a champ at eating.  He is loving solid food & has recently started taking a bottle of mom's milk which is heaven on earth for mom! He still would much rather nurse but now that he can hold the bottle himself we're both enjoying his freedom a little more.
-Jumping! Anytime anyone holds him he now makes them make him jump with his adorable smile.

- The word NO. (because pinching & pulling moms hair is so much fun!)
- At night he refuses to wear pajamas or sleep with sheets.  He's such a sweaty little thing.
- Sleeping without a pillow. (spoiled?)
- Getting his face wiped, diaper changed, getting dressed. Basically all the daily necessities he fights.

Big moments:
March 25th- Started crawling with his belly off the ground!
March 27th- First Easter!
March 31st- Started pulling himself up holding onto things..
(& also giving his parents actual heart attacks..)
April 9th- First time at a farm!
April 14th- Said DADA!

- We can't get over his giggles & big belly laughs.  If you make him laugh big enough you can see his little tooth which is the cutest sight.
-WIGGLE machine but still very very cuddly!
-His favorite activity is to crawl away from you as soon as you take his diaper off.  He just crawls to the other side of the room & sits with his little bum on the carpet & smiles at you.  Naughty, but cute!
-OBSESSED with standing!  He has given me a few heart attacks & I've discovered I'm also a ninja at catching him while he's falling (& also that ninjas's fail sometimes when babies do front flips off the bed..) so he sported a fat lip & goose egg for a few days but he just can't get enough of standing!
-THIS is our current favorite thing he does.

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  1. That video! I a love reading all of these updates! He is the cutest baby ever!