Eight Months

Oh eight months has seriously flown by!  We are LOVING our happy silly little guy!  He isn't much of a baby anymore though. He is always on the move, trying to climb up anything he can and getting into all sorts of mischief we can barely keep up!  Besides a few rough nights from getting teeth in, he is a dream! He loves to snuggle so much & gives tons of kisses and hugs & is as chunky as can be.  We are soaking up every single moment with him that we can.  We just love him to pieces!

Age: 8 months
Weight: 19.6 lbs
Height: 29 inches

- music! He recently discovered how to boogie to music & is always shaking his head & rockin his body! The. freakin. cutest. thing. ever.
- gurggling is his newest trick.  He uses it to distract himself from falling asleep!
- taking naps with his mama
- "helping daddy": he follows Kevin everywhere & is always getting into anything Kevin is doing, he wants to help him & be with him all the time!
- the kitty.  Nothing lights him up quite like the kitty does.  Even if the kitty doesn't stay around too long he LOVES him so much!

- pooping / getting his diaper changed
- getting his face wiped off! the horror!
- getting two teeth in at the same time! he has been a sad little baby the past few weeks because he's cutting his top two teeth!
- apples & pears! haha anything with apples or pears in it, he will NOT eat at all, it's so weird!

Big moments:
- may 3: learned how to wave
- may 7: started dancing to music!
- may 10: learned how to clap

- We entered Benson into a little baby contest for Utah Valley Magazine & he won in his age group as the cutest cutie for 2015! I mean, we know he is the cutest cutie but now that it's official we just have to brag for our 10 seconds of fame!
- We have ourselves a little dare devil climber!  We thought we were safe getting up the baby gates on our stairs, but he loves to try & climb up the baby gate & then SWINGS FROM IT!? oh it's terrifying!  He has no fear.  Until he wants to climb down ;)  He also made it all the way up both sets up of our stairs.. & was SO proud of himself!
- Now that it is warm outside I can hardly keep Benson inside! Every time I open the door to let Henry outside Benson darts straight for the door! We've had a lot of picnics & we've been hitting up the park with all his little friends! He just loves to be outside (in the shade of course, he can't be bothered by the sun, or to wear his sunglasses!)
- He is a little chatterbox now, constantly trying to say new words!  So far he's gotten hi, hiya, yeah, hoo (wahoo), dada, dad, baba & mmm! He also started nodding his head yes when we ask him questions! SO CUTE.
- A good story this month: We were running errands & pulled up to the mall & discovered Benson has a HUMONGOUS blowout! We of course had no extra clothes & he was covered in poop, so we stripped his clothes off & carried him in his diaper into the mall to buy some new clothes! He thought it was soooo funny! He was laughin & wavin to people as we were walking to Gap to get him some new, not so very cheap clothes!  Lesson learned, always bring clothes!

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