nine months

Wow! Nine months! Benson has officially been out as long as I cooked him!  He is a busy busy boy, always on the go & he crawls so dang fast now.  He is cruising around town holding onto stuff & has lately been pulling himself up & then letting go to see how long he can stand on his own (TERRIFYING) but he is still as happy as can be! Although he does throw some pretty hilarious mini tantrums & collapses on the floor in the moment of drama. haha he's too cute to get mad at though.
Age: Nine months!
Weight: 21 pounds
Height: 27.5 inches
- pinching & biting..
- getting into mischief
- climbing up the stairs as fast as he possibly can, he laughs like crazy the whole time!
- being tickled
- DANCING.  He is always bobbing his head & shaking his booty.
- Playing pass the ball with daddy.

- being told NO for pinching & biting..
- getting his diaper changed/getting dressed at all
- teething (he got his top 2 teeth in a couple weeks from each other & it was ROUGH)
- getting his face wiped is literally the worst!

Big Moments:
- May 21st: First time at the ocean! (Laguna Beach, California)
-  May 30th: Started shaking & nodding his head.
- Words: dada, baba, yaya, hiya, hey, oh, some cute sound that sounds like he's saying kitty.
- Eating: anything & everything. This month we gave him a donut for national donut day & he LOVED it, he really only ate a couple bites but was so excited!  He loves pickles & edamame.  But nothing gets him as excited as bananas & mangos!

- He is such a chunker this guy, he has 4 teeth, wears a size 4 diaper & size 4 shoes.  It's like he skipped a few months & was like yeah, I think I feel like i'm one? I love buying him clothes though so it's fine with me.
- He is currently going through the "stranger" phase & just gets shy & clings to mom whenever anyone says hi or tries to hold him haha it's tender though, after a few minutes he goes back to his crazy happy self giving laughs & smiles.
- We've had a ROUGH nap & sleep journey, yes, he is still sleeping in our bed & most nights we absolutely love it.  Mostly teething has made me rethink it, but I love my little cuddly baby & he sleeps so dang good when he's not pushing teeth through his gums.  His naps are another story, while he is on a pretty good schedule he refuses to sleep in his crib now at all.  So he is currently rockin it on the couch, floor, our bed, wherever I can set him down haha it's working for the moment.
- Benson is such a cheeseball, he is always pulling the cutest faces & has now developed a "fake smile" which kills me.  He does it at the store & when he gets awkward. haha!
-We've made it nine months on this breast feeding journey & Benson has loved every minute of it.  We're slowly weaning him off & feeding him bottles with breast milk until he's a year but it hasn't been easy to wean him he loves breast feeding but is a little bit of a distracted eater & it's made breastfeeding such a struggle for us.
One night he was having a super rough night so I drew us a bubble bath & thought that would fix him, we got in the bath with his binky & a few toys & he immediately crawled over to me & climbed up on me crying & started breastfeeding.  I just burst into tears, I know that over time he will be fine with bottle feeding & we can bond in other ways but this tender moment I will grasp onto forever.  I just love that we have been able to bond through breastfeeding & for the most part it has been smooth sailing.

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