ten months

Somehow my sweet tiny newborn baby is a huge 10 month old all of the sudden! In TWO months he'll be ONE! (ALL the tear emojis!)  He is hilarious & goes through just about every emotion possible in a day haha!  90% crazy happy though. He's so fast, like so so fast.  Getting into everything & constantly on the move!  We manage to keep up with him most of the time & squeeze him every minute of every day.
Age: Ten months!
Weight: 21 lbs
Height: 28.5 in.

- Music! He is always bobbing his head or waving his little chubby finger to some kind of beat!  He also loves wearing headphones! We put them on him for the 4th & ever since he's hooked, plus cheeks + headphones is perfection! His favorite jams are Bieber anything, Can't stop the feelin, Cake by the Ocean, Old school Hip Hop & Rap.
- Swimming! All summer we've been at the pool at least twice a week! He's such a fish!
- Being outside! He races for the door as soon as it opens! He loooves being outside.
- His "diddys" aka Kitty!
- FOOD anything & everything.

- wearing shoes or clothes or diapers.
- falling down, which happens a lot now haha
- waking up to not being snuggled with mommy & daddy.. darn those naps haha
- being told no or stop. He flips out haha ..already.

Big Moments:
- July 4th: First fireworks!
- July 7th: First time standing up by himself! 
- July 18th: Took one step! Just one, phew!
- Words: dada, baba, yaya, hiya, hey, oh, lala, diddy, dad, mama, mom, nana & YELLS REALLY LOUD! :)
- Eating: anything & everything!  We found that he LOVES tomatoes & pickles!  He really will eat anything you give him, he just might not take a second bite if he hates it haha! He much rather would feed himself & LOVES desserts.

- This boy is so close to walking!  He barely holds onto furniture now when he is cruising around the room & sometimes just lets go to see how long he can stand by himself! He has stood up completely by himself a few times & took one unassisted walk the other day! We got him a little walker toy & he gets the biggest grin when he gets going! I can't believe my baby will be walking soon! WHAT THE!
-We got a sister kitty named Penelope at the end of June & Benson they both just adore each other!  They play together, sleep together, lick each other, share their food & bottles.. haha seriously she is so patient with him & he has the cutest tiny voice he uses with her.  He started saying "diddy" when referring to his kitties!
- He's still in a size 4 diaper, wears a size 4 shoe, is wearing 12-18 month clothes & is working on teeth 6 & 7!  He is just growing so dang fast my heart can't handle it!
-We got this boy on an amazing schedule & I can finally say he TAKES FREAKING NAPS LIKE A BOSS! Caps were necessary.  It's been a loooong sleeping journey but he is pretty pro at naps, as long as someone cuddles him to sleep. I'll take it, I love the cuddles!  & yes, he does still sleep in our bed :)

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