Party Animal Bash

Well we did it! We survived our first kids birthday party! It was wonderful, completely chaotic & hot, really really hot!  All the kids had a blast & Benson had the time of his life, i'm sure he would chalk this in as the best day ever.  It doesn't get much better than friends, cake & balloons for this guy.

I had such a hard time narrowing down a theme for this party.  I have a billion ideas & I LOVE parties so it was really hard to choose from the thousands of Pinterest ideas I have pinned.  But in the end I decided to stick to a PARTY ANIMAL theme, mostly because Benson really is a party animal & he LOVES animals so much!  It fit him perfectly.

We sent all Benson's little friends these cute invites, designed by me.
This doll walked me over to the bounce house & posed for this adorable picture haha!
 I only invite famous instagram models to my parties. ;)
My amazing friend had a blow up bounce house on hand & brought it with her to the party.  Bless her soul because the kids LOVED it!  I think bounce house will now be a staple at all of our birthday parties!  Kept the kids entertained the entire time!
We also purchased some balls & blew up a whole bunch of balloons to keep the babies entertained.  Really all they wanted the whole party were balls & balloons.

Party Animals Only.
Yes, we're keeping this sign up from now on.  & the flamingo.  She was here before Benson.

I made these signs to show how Benson grew over the past year, because why the heck else was I taking those monthly pictures every month other than to make a collage of them all?
& as I glued the pictures all on, I just sobbed! He was so tiny & now he's so big!
Also, note: panda present. panda present!

The last thing I care about at the party is the food.  I put so much more thought into balloons & party hats on animals & table placement that the food is always something cheap & suuuuper easy.  But the table that the food sits on, now THAT is a big deal.

I chose to spend most of my budget on cake & macarons.  Priorities.  They were both worth every penny!  Then I just grabbed some animal crackers & whipped up some banana pudding cups the morning of the party!  The babies loved it!

Party hats on the animals!  Pretty much what this entire party was built around.  They lasted on that table for a whopping 5 minutes but they turned out soooo cute!  The little party blowers were by far the best purchase I made for the party.  The kids LOVED them.  The hats on the other hand.. were mainly for me & a few pictures haha!  Still cute though!

Benson really got into the whole cake eating thing.  He's never really had cake, not because I don't believe in giving babies cake, but because I purposley avoid cake & head right to the donuts!  He loved it!  & he really loved that all his friends were just standing there watching him eat a giant cake!

Like really though, he loved it!

& of course, no party is complete without a photo booth. Even a one year old's birthday party.  It wasn't easy but we got a bunch of pictures of most of the kids in front of it!  & we got one picture of us all together in front of it. Win!

Cake: No. 1 // Sweet Tooth Fairy
Macarons: Meri Macs
Balloons: Party Land
Lion Cups: Zurchers
Animals: Hobby Lobby
Party Blowers: $ store!
Benson's bow tie: Little Love Leighs

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