twelve months

Our little newborn baby suddenly is this big one year old who walks (almost) & talks (jibberish)! He is the funniest little thing with the biggest personality.  That was for sure the fastest year of our lives & the craziest! This guy keeps us on our toes with all his daily new tricks & keeps us laughing!  Love him so much!

Height: 31 inches
Weight: 23.8 lbs
- Saying "uh oh" or "achoo" or faking coughing
- Eating. He is suuuch a good eater! Meal ptime is by far his favorite time of the day!
-Dancing & singing! The music flows right thru him! He's recently picked up singing too now! Its so adorable! He's loving everything Justin Bieber, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Little Einsteins, really anything with a beat he'll start dancing to.
-Tickling!  He loooooves when we tickle him & has started saying "kickow" & tickles us randomly.
-Waking up & Bedtime.  He is probably the most happy when we are going to bed, he rolls around our whole bed & laughs & laughs & laughs! & every morning he wakes up with the biggest smile on his face as he crawls around in between us to see if we're ever going to open our eyes haha
-"Dad".  He lives for when Kevin gets home.  Periodically he'll just look at me throughout the day & say "DAD".  Like he's letting me know he misses him & would rather hang out with him. haha but I don't blame him, he really is funner than me.

- Wearing anything. Clothes, shoes, diapers. He wants to be naked & free all day long.
- Getting in trouble.  He has begun to throw some awesome fits, full body throw, pouty lip, instant tears.  He's already a pro at the tantrum life. Heaven help us all.
- The word no or uh uh.  He'll turn back at me and shake his head or pull out the pouty lip.
- Kitty scratches.  Although he should be able to sit on her, drag her, pull her hair, poke out her eyes & throw her, if she scratches him he loses it haha

Big Moments:
- 8/18: took a few first steps!
- 9/1: Learned how to turn around & get off! A blessing & a curse.
- 9/9: started sleeping in his new big boy bed!
- 9/12: did his first summersalt (on accident) haha! still counts.
- 9/17: had his first birthday party! & had his first cake! Loved every second of it!
- Words: yeah, look, poop, hi, dad, mama, baba, diddy, ooo!, woo!, yaya, & uh uh!
-Eating: Oh everything & anything! He loves quesadillas like nothing else! Tried PB&J for the first time & loved it! Likes peaches & cucumbers.  Hates broccoli & corn haha! Dove into some mashed potatoes & sweet potatoes! Messy eater!
- Has 7 teeth now!

-Benson has so many tricks now! I think my favorite is that he refuses to wave hi/bye, but he does the cutest little waving motion when you we say "get outta here bee" haha! Its adorable.
He also has started going "ahhh" after he drinks out of his sippy! My favorite trick of all!
-This boy is an animal lover!  We took him to the aquarium for his birthday & he loved looking at all the animals & fish!  He got the cutest kitty stuffed animal for his birthday & immediately gave it the biggest hug when he pulled it out! SO dang cute!  He loves his two kitties so much, he is a little bit scared of Henry (for good reasons) but him & Penelope are inseparable.  He is (mostly) so soft with them & always is saying "hi diddy!" whenever they are nearby.  Its the cutest thing!
- We made the switch from a crib to a toddler bed.  Psych! He's still sleeping in our bed, but we're putting him in his bed for naptime which is like HALLELUJAH! He doesn't scream anytime he goes near this bed!  Naptime is so so much better than it used to be, he pretty much puts himself to sleep as long as you are sitting by him & he takes 2 two hour naps which has been SO NICE! We've come a long way from literally never sleeping, to sleeping if mom is holding him, to 30 min naps, to this! It's been a slow year actually but we all feel a little more sane with all this sleep!

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