mama fave: OXO tot

OXO is easily one of my favorite brands out there, we use most of their stuff in our house already & when I found out they have a Tot line for the littles I was instantly drawn towards it.  I love the simple sleek look of their products, that they are gender neutral, & that they are toddler approved.
Our first purchase from OXO was their high chair, I read reviews for ALL the high chairs, I wanted something that was functional, but wasn't going to scream WE HAVE A BABY! High chairs are just.. not that appealing to the eye, well so I thought.  I saw this high chair & thought it was actually pretty cute.  My favorite part of the high chair is how easy it is to clean, you can rip the seats off to wash in the sink, the high chair has minimal places for crumbs & the tray is super easy to wipe down!
I wish I had known about the OXO roll up bib sooner.. it would have saved a few shirt casualties along the way.  It is wide and a little heavier than the average bib so it catches anything and everything that their drop out of their mouths.  So great!
I found a little high chair hack a while back that has helped a lot, attach a command hook to the back of the high chair so you can hang bibs from it for quick easy access!
The sippy cup struggle is so rough. We probably own one from every brand, they all have their flaws & I don't think I am 100% satisfied with any one of them truthfully.  The OXO tot sippy cups are the ones I'm probably most happy with most of the time.  They both come with lids which is huge for me, there is nothing worse then finding out a sippy cup leaked all over your diaper bag..and your back while you're at the mall. They have handles so mom is off duty & they are easy to clean!
This 4 piece feeding set is so great! The plate is my favorite because it has a little lip on it for less messes, Benson's favorite part are the fork & spoon..even though he doesn't know how to use either he loves trying it out.  And as you can tell, eating is for sure Benson's favorite time of the day haha!

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