fifteen months.

Although we are done with the monthly updates, I needed somewhere to track how dang cute & fun Benson is at this age right now.  He is a ball of energy & cuteness all rolled up in one.

Age: 15 months
Height: 32.8 inches
Weight: 24.4 lbs

-Kissing & hugs.  All day every day on repeat.  I secretly hope he never grows out of this.  The best part of the day is when he comes running from the other room just to give me a kiss & runs back to the other room. My heart just melts! He also LOVES kissing all of his friends. Open mouth only. & ONLY on the lips.  He refuses to kiss on the cheek.
-His kitties.  Every morning when he wakes up he gives both cats kisses & hugs.  Neither of them appreciate his lovin but he loves squishing them & poking their noses.
-TV & the tablet.. a little too much. He now goes & sits on the couch & points to the tv like come on, turn on a show! His favorite is listening to his headphones & watching nursery rhymes on his tablet.
-Dancing! He favorite jams right now are Cake by the Ocean, J-Biebs forever, Uptown Funk & Hands Clap! Oh & the entire Trolls soundtrack.  On repeat.

-The daily annoyances (diaper changes, getting dressed, wiping his face, cleaning up his toys, etc.)
-Getting in trouble.  He bows his head and can really let out some major tears in seconds now.
-Waking up without mom & dad.
-Anybody leaving the room.. this is very recent & VERY annoying! haha sooo dramatic.
-He also gets VERY upset when Penelope tries to play with her own toys that he has stolen.. so ya know, sibling love.

Big Moments:
-For the first time ever he slept thru the night in his own big boy bed in his room! It was heaven sent & only lasted one night (so far) but boy did it feel like a Christmas miracle!
-This kid has 11 teeth right now! 11! He cut 4 molars in two weeks & we barely survived.
-At 15 months he has decided he finally has perfected his waving skills & is showing it off for the masses now! haha He seriously would NEVER wave before now but has the cutest little parade wave! I can see why he waited to perfect it!
- Words: besides the normal from the 12 months he has added: dis, dat, yes, no no no, snow, choo choo, vroom vroom, moo, meow, kack kack (quack),

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