baby #2: 14 week update

Baby #2 is on the way!  Due October 18th & we are SO excited!

The baby is the size of a:

Gender: unknown yet!

Name: unknown yet!

Bump: Showing & proud of it! haha I've gained maybe 5 pounds but I look so much bigger than I did with Benson.  It's nice that people know i'm for sure pregnant though, no guessing this time around!

Symptoms: my first noticable symptom was Sneezing! haha I sneeze so much when i'm pregnant! 
Nausea (new this time around, haven't thrown up but just feel sick all day)

Sleep: In bed by 9 every night haha! I'm exhausted! & Kevin has been so kind to let me sleep in every morning since Benson feels the need to wake up at 7:00 on the dot every day.

Cravings/Aversions to Eating: I haven't had a lot of cravings, but my two biggest ones have been ranch dressing (which I normally hate) & cranberry juice! I have just been loving the foods that don't make me gag & eating little snacks all day.  My biggest aversion has been melted cheese haha! So random but it makes me gag! & I haven't been wanting any soda kicked the mtn dew fairly easily! or sweets! I'll have a bite but it's almost too much.

Looking forward to: Being out the first trimester & feeling like myself again! & finding out the gender in 2 weeks!

Moments: Week 10 I got hit with a crazy virus & it WIPED me out! I had a high temperature for 4 days & could barely get out of bed! The only upside was an early dr appt with an ultrasound since they were worried about my temperature affecting the baby.  And the grand finale was a trip to the ER where my fever broke as I waited in the ER. haha so.. being pregnant is fun.

Week 13 Benson is starting to realize there is a reason my belly is getting bigger haha he learned the word baby recently & has started pointing to my belly & saying baby! (& then his belly, & then both the cats hahaha be fair they are tubby) & then has been rubbing my belly randomly ever since!  

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