eighteen months.

It's hard to believe my baby is 18 months old now! But also I think we've reached a real sweet spot with him, he is very independent & sweet with a little bit of sour so it's nice being able to tell him to do something & he understands & does it!  At the same time..he gets into everything & runs away from me in Target & throws a mean tantrum so balancing out the sweet life as a toddler does.

Age: 18 months
Height: 33.5 inches
Weight: 26.5 lbs

-Getting into trouble.  Anything naughty is in his radar now.  We had our first color all over the door with a crayon this month, he loves taking off his diaper & smearing poop in the couch, the typical spill rice all over the floor, dump cat food in the cat water.. you name it, he'll try it!
-Kissing & hugging. He learned to say mmmmwah! We are soaking up all the love!
-All the boy things: cars, trains, tractors, dinosaurs.
- Pretending to burp really loud. We keep is classy around here.
- His favorite foods right now are: any berry of any kind, rice & beans, tomatoes, fish, chicken & quesadillas are a big hit, mac n cheese, pb&j, the typical kid stuff but he will only eat if he feels like it, no worries though he'll eat the food you give him just 2 hours later.

-Time Out (we call it a reflection bench, but ya know basically time out, it's good for the soul)
-Bed time
-Being told no or don't
-Any food that is green.. so no vegetable of really any kind haha

Big Moments:
-This month we took away the bop bops (binky) & never looked back! He handled it way better than we thought he would! Only has for it the first day & then just forgot about it & moved on.
-Also over the last two months we transitioned Benson from our bed into his own toddler bed! We loved co-sleeping & all the snuggles we got but it was starting to get a little squishy in our bed! We've tried a few times over the past year & finally found a hack that made him love his bed, I'll have to post about it later because it's so funny! He is still in our room but in his own bed, has a bedtime & takes 3 hour naps all of the sudden! Basically heaven at our house!
- Words: new words added to his vocabulary lately are: daddy, cat, wa wa (water), ta da!, baby, don't, no, poop, yes, idiot (hahahaha oops), cheese, gaga..which I think means something but have no idea what, ni ni (goodnight), & the other night we swore he say "oh my gosh" when his baba was in the microwave hahaha, also LOVE YOU!

-Says noises for piggy, cow, monkey, kitty, dinosaur, lion & chicken.  Basically we ask him these all day long haha they are so cute!
-Knows where his nose, eyes, mouth & ears are! & knows how to sniff stuff now, sooo cute.

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