20 weeks bump date.

The baby is the size of a: Banana!

Gender: BOY!

Name: For now, Baby A!  We think we have a name picked out, but we're still thinking about it.

Bump: Big & proud!  
Last pregnancy I felt awkward about my belly & the weight & all the unglamorous parts of pregnancy.  This time around I'm just grateful to be pregnant & I'm embracing every stage & every pound with grace & enjoying it while it lasts!

Symptoms: All of the sudden I have so much energy!  My nesting is at an all time high (poor Kevin) & I'm busting out projects left & right!
Heartburn.  Boo.  Hiss.
Some aches & pains.  My sciatic nerve is killing me, but other than that I feel like a million bucks!

Sleep: Not super tired anymore as long as I sleep all night.. which is fun with a teething toddler but we're all surviving.  B & I might slip in a nap or two throughout the week to survive haha 

Cravings/Aversions to Eating: I think all my aversions are finally subsided! HALLELUJAH! Cheese on everything please!  haha I still don't really want desserts, but hey that's fine.  Because usually i'm shoving my face all summer.  My biggest craving this pregnancy is SALT. Salty anything is on my plate.  I usually hate ranch dressing & popcorn & that has been a big craving!  Mostly though I just crave weird healthy stuff like salads & watermelon! I'm loving it! 

Looking forward to: Finishing up the nursery!  We're almost done converting Benson's room for Baby A to share with him!  We added more storage in the closet, cut some dividers for the dressers & now we just need a crib & to hang some decorations!  The babe will be in our room for a couple months (hopefully haha! we know how that went with round one..)  but I'm excited for them to share a room & be cute brothers!

May 16 (18 weeks) - Daddy & Benson got to feel the baby kicking!  Benson thought it was strange & just wanted to hug him instead haha! A cute tender moment.

May 27 (20 weeks)- Had the big anatomy scan today.  Baby is always asleep when we do our ultrasounds with his cute little hand by his face.  He cooperated and gave us a cute profile shot of his little nose.  We found out that the baby only has two cord blood vessels instead of three which raised some concerns  so we had to have some extra tests done to make sure everything is okay & we will be monitoring the baby a little extra closely to make sure he is growing & getting everything he needs.  Mom has been a nervous wreck since doing the tests & is anxious to hear the results!  

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  1. Love this. :) Excited for you guys! I'm trying out a Baltic Amber teething necklace for M this time around. Figure it can't hurt anything. Plus, your belly looks so cute! Aside from being pregnant in the cold weather, I was never confident enough for a bikini. You're rockin it!