24 weeks bump date

The baby is the size of a: Cantelope!

Gender: BOY!

Name: Atticus Ezra Kuhle
like..90% sure on his name, still throwing around a few ideas but this has been my #1 this whole pregnancy!

Bump: I'm ALL belly (so I've been told multiple times haha) which isn't different from last time around.  When you are 5'2" is there really another way? I've gained half as much weight at this point as I had with Benson, which I should probably thank Benson for really.

Symptoms: Some major sciatic pain
Burning to death from the inside out aka being pregnant in the summer
Heartburn like cray
Braxton Hicks Contractions

Sleep: Still needing LOTS of it, Benson keeps me plenty busy all day.  But I have started to notice I wake up around 3/4 am & have a little harder time falling back asleep than normal, so I'm sure the pregnancy insomnia is just around the corner!

Cravings/Aversions to Eating: No aversions anymore! Just eating anything & everything I crave in sight.  Which is mostly fruit & popsicles so not too shabby! The occasional major for some fries & have had a weird obsession with chips lately haha but only like..1/3 of the bag & then i'm over it.  So if anyone wants to come finish off all these chips.. that'd be great.

Looking forward to: Finishing up the nursery renovation & Kevin is building a side crib for our bed! I'm so excited to have a cute little babe to wake up next to again!  Busting out projects left & right in our house due to nesting but I'm getting so excited for every little detail that goes into his room & our room becoming a baby zone!
We just bought a double stroller & i'm excited to break that puppy in! We took it for a "quick"..not really it was long walk to a park nearby & Benson was estatic!
Our BABYMOON! Getting away for a couple days baby free before we are never baby free again!

June 13 (21 weeks)- Our results came back for the genetic testing as NORMAL! Such a relief.  We still have the journey of being monitored closely to make sure he grows accordingly but we are so happy we got good results! 

This month the baby has started moving like CRAZY! If I lay down at all he is all over the place & you can see it! I love being able to feel & see him moving around! Best part of pregnancy by far!

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