31 weeks bump date

31 weeks
The baby is the size of a: Asparagus

Gender: BOY!

Name: Atticus Ezra Kuhle 💙

Bump: Large & In Charge.  I'm to the point where people are trying to guess if I'm about to pop or not & then I say I have 9 more weeks haha being 5'2" & pregnant is rough, no where for baby to go but out.  Oh & officially can't see my feet anymore & seriously struggles to lace my shoelaces.  That's when you know you've hit the home stretch haha

Symptoms: Heartburn to the max.
A possible pregnancy induced dairy allergy.
The start of swelling.
All the aches & pains -- I literally take a bubble bath every day now.

Sleep: Sleep is getting more rough but my pregnancy pillow is my saving grace.  I've got my whole set up so I can be propped up (thanks heartburn) so hopefully that continues because I'm such a zombie without sleep.  A lot more naps have been happening, which Benson doesn't mind one bit.

Cravings/Aversions to Eating: My cravings have become so specific haha mostly carbs & salsa. But after having some seriously scary food poisoning, they thought I might have developed a dairy allergy but after 2 weeks THANK HEAVENS I just damaged my esophagus.  haha like no really & now I can eat dairy again!  We of course celebrated with ice cream.  Which is my main craving, just a cheap $1 ice cream cone. & as always cereal has my pregnant heart forever.

Looking forward to: Cooler weather.  We kind of have fallen off the grid with it being so hot.  I can barely go outside without feeling like i'm going to die so we've been rocking it inside with the AC & only going out at night, for ice cream. haha

28 weeks: Atticus is so strong now that we can just lay in bed & watch him move around inside my belly.  Most of our nights end in watching him go crazy.

29 weeks: Kevin & I went to a Taking Back Sunday Concert & seems like we have another rockstar on our hands. Kid moved the entire concert. 💗

30 weeks: Had my first non-stress test/ultrasound appt for Atticus! Wasn't nearly as intense as I was anticipating,  just got to lounge in a big recliner & read while he wiggled & kicked like crazy.  He has a really strong normal heartbeat & clearly has some strong legs, which I already knew haha all day & night.  He is measuring about 2 weeks behind so they will just continue to keep track of everything & do tests every couple of weeks & hopefully he just stays 2 weeks behind & no further!

31 weeks: I fell off the radar for a couple of weeks because 3rd trimester is totally kicking my trash.  So then we have been trying to make up for it & do all the fun things before Summer ends!  We hit up Lagoon & Seven Peaks & the Museum & then I couldn't walk or do much for 2 days haha but I can now say that going to Lagoon @ 31 weeks pregnant in 90 degree weather is the worst.  The only reason I survived is a portable fan that I carried everywhere with me.  But Benson & Kevin had a whole lot of fun riding everything together!

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