Atticus: five months

Atticus is five months old!  This has got to be my favorite age ever, he is so giggly & happy & just loving life right now.  He rolls every which way now & found his cute toes & loves to chomp on his little hands all day long.  He loves to yell & coo & has the cutest little voice.  We can't get enough of him, especially with these new thigh rolls he's working on. YUM.

Age: 5 months
Height: 25.5 in.
Weight: 14.5 lbs

- Being tickled - he is SO ticklish especially his back!
- Loves chewing on his hands- possibly a sign of a toothy?
- Napping!
- Waking up in the morning, he is SO happy every morning!
- He's all about that toy life now, especially Benson's toys! So it begins!

- Bottles... mom is very flustered about this.
- Going to bed - naps are fantastic but bedtime is another story, but then he sleeps for eternity so it's okay.
- His big brother.  He loves him the most I'd say.
- When he gets stuck on his belly.
- Full diapers always

Big Moments:
- Feb 11: Found his toes!
- Feb 14: First Valentines! All heart eyes for him everyday.
- Feb 28: First time in his chair! Big boy!- Mar 4: Learned to roll both ways!

- Fits in 3-6 month clothes & size 2 diapers but has a tiny booty so all his pants fall off
- Wins for worst blowouts!  Destroyed a solid 5 outfits this month!  Mom has given up.

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