My Pregnancy Essentials

Just when you think you've got life down, you get pregnant and your whole life turns upside down.. or maybe that was just me.  Everyone has their own remedies and pregnancy essentials..but this is what worked for me.  Either I was very lucky or my combination of some of these worked because I only threw up a handful of times while I was pregnant.  I'd like to say I paid for it later on because I think I got just about every other symptom possible while pregnant so I tried most of these out of pure desperation.  

1. Sea Bands- From day one I was sooo dizzy.  I thought I had vertigo since we got pregnant while on vacation, but nope I was just growing a baby. I came upon sea bands & they straight up saved my life.  They are the ugliest things ever but I swear by them for dizziness & nausea.  I wore them for 3 months straight.
2. Essential Oils (specifically Peppermint, Wild Orange & Lavender)- I know, I know, insert eye roll here.  If you aren't into essential oils this probably isn't for you..but I used these three oils constantly my entire pregnancy & felt like they made a huge difference in how I felt throughout it.
Wild Orange --energy
3. Ginger Mints- Any time I felt like I was going to throw up I would pop one of these babies in my mouth, I didn't have time to run to the bathroom and vomit while I was working so these totally saved my butt at work.
4. Body Cloth Pack- The one symptom I haven't had to deal with at all has been pregnancy acne thank goodness! A couple years ago I did a post on how much I love this dang cloth & now..I easily love it 20 x more because of pregnancy.
5. Pregnancy Pillow- I can honestly say I've used this pillow in every single trimester of pregnancy.  Totally worth the purchase!  It props me up to sleep on my side, it's great when you have to sleep sitting up due to deathly heartburn and it works great to elevate your poor swollen cankles.
6. Bubble Bath- I've slowly learned that you'll never appreciate a bubble bath more than when you are pregnant.  All the aches and swollen body parts just melt away.  Also give me all the coconut scents because i'm obsessed. 
7. Maternity Belt- Hands down my most used pregnancy item to carry my bowling ball sized belly around for me.  I feel like wearing a maternity belt is the only reason I don't have horrendous back pain.  The one I used is the Gabriella Maternity Belt, its easy to put on by yourself it just velcros and I can move around without it sliding all over the place.
8. Tame the Flame- Oy the heartburn.  That is probably what i'm most excited to be done with.  I've had heartburn since the moment I was pregnant I swear.  I've tried every stupid remedy everybody has told me and nothing works.  Heartburn is inevitable so I just pop these bad boys all day long..and they are sweet mint flavored so not the worst taste in the world.
9. Nursing Bras/Pads- My first symptom while pregnant was how bad my boobs hurt.  Then they grew and grew and I kept buying push up bras..then at 24 weeks my boobs just starting I decided comfy bras were the only way to go now..& nursing pads of course.  I've constantly shopped two websites for bras while pregnant.
Nursing Bra Express: Constantly having amazing sales & 2 day shipping! 
Bravado: THE comfiest bras I've ever worn in my life. Hands down. & no, they didn't pay me to say that.

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